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Posted in: Events — on September 8, 2006

Campaign Against Landmines, CALM, is appealing to New Zealanders to donate money to help clear landmines in Southern Lebanon.

On the 13th of September, Minister for Disarmament and Arms Control, the Hon Phil Goff, will launch the appeal with a dinner, flavoured with a special sachet of ketchup. A young boy’s legs are printed on the sachet with the perforated tearing section cutting across his right ankle. The back of the sachet invites Kiwis to donate $3 by texting the word, “CALM”, to 336. The shocking sachet is one of 20,000 which will be distributed throughout restaurants in the North and South island.

“We hope the sachet aptly illustrates the terrible injuries so many families are struggling with across the world,” says Mr Goff. “Landmines and unexploded ordnance such as cluster bombs from past conflicts continue to take the lives of, and maim, hundreds of people every year.”

The function, which will be held in Parliament, will also see the international launch of the 8th edition of The 2006 Landmine Monitor Report. The Hon Phil Goff will launch the report in New Zealand and the event will be chaired by CALM’s Convenor, David Zwartz.

To combat the proliferation of landmines, the International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL) publishes The Landmine Monitor Report, an annual report on progress towards a mine-free world.

The Report details clearing of mines, care for survivors, compliance by countries of 1997’s Ottawa Anti-Mine Convention, and analysis of the international community’s response to humanitarian crisis caused by mines.

“The Landmine Monitor Report was a great initiative originally developed by New Zealander, Mary Wareham,” said Phil Goff. “We fully support its objective of illustrating and alleviating the plight of countries struggling with the legacy, and day-to-day reality, of landmines.”

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